Sulakshana Monga is a stalwart of Indias high fashion landscape, with roots entrenched in the Marwari culture of traditional Rajasthan. She masterfully embeds her positive philosophies and outlook on life in coveted designs that comprise her label, Soltee, one of the must-have labels of Indias fashion elite. Sulaskshanas passion for dressing women started from body couture and draping to styling entire looks for a contemporary market. Underlying her work is a sense of spirituality and a meditation on the elements, seamlessly infused into high fashion. Intricately conveying depictions of nature and floral, couture artwork, a consistent theme in her collections is a scenic, natural landscape, applying the tiniest details to flora and fauna on canvases of luxe fabrics. Detailed embroideries on sumptuous base fabrics become the starting point for layering, creating cosmopolitan looks with Indian sensibilities. Sulakshanas designs are universal, transcending the boundaries of seasonal trends in favour of an experimentation with aesthetics, bold or feminine, but always masterpieces sought after by Indian fashion influencers and tastemakers across the globe. Similarly, the Soltee woman crosses generations but is unanimously youthful and experimental with couture